“If it’s a facelift fight you freaks want, then that’s exactly what you’re gonna’ get!”  Judy Joker has gathered together all the girls from last time, and more, that she pointed out for all using the same Ruyngardian face model, or at least looking alike.  This even includes the Junwoman Sky, and the space-traveling rendition of System Guard Kinley from the Lyger Galaxy.  Everyone has come for what Judy calls her Joker Rally.

    Also, I.C. Mendez, as usual, invited herself to the party, bringing her family along, since “You’re tarnishing the reputation of my ancestors, and insulting the good name of the Fab Fam!  It’s on, sista’!”  This addition will eventually result in more System Guards arriving soon enough.  So, with all this extra help, will Duplica actually stand a chance of winning?  And what is going to happen with Elfie and Gigi?  Might as well jump to the next chapter and face the unknown.

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