Chapter 7   Your Destiny Is Bedlam

    “Everyone, there’s been a change of plans.  I’m reducing the shield back to only covering HQ and Juniper.  I’m sorry.”  This startling announcement comes from AB across the radio waves to the various people he had recently informed of his previous intensions.  With this declaration, we can infer that more sightings of J Tots have been reported within the areas that would have been pulled into the safe haven of the shield.  This is great for Juniper as it ensures nothing will harm the deaders, but what about the rest of the universe?  How many more additions will be made today to that place called the Drawing Board?

    Since the Scars left, more tots have appeared, as predicted, increasing the need to get up to Cat and help deal with Ally.  This task is partially fulfilled in that Doug and Abbie have managed to join the main bout up in the sky, even if other tots are there as well.  Down below, Mercy, Paul and the two Meyers girls keep having to repeat the same cycles numerously, watching tot after tot shattered in piece, only for more to take their place.  Inside the building somewhere, Gigi and Miss are looking for Elf as he is still stuck in Whirly’s world.

    Above the scene of the class and the tots, watching her children take their positions for phase two, Destiny shows how different she is from Arion, her ancestor.  While the sky grows black for everyone, the tots lose their white color, taking a ghostly transparent look that any faithful System Guard historian recognizes as a sign that things are about to get much, much worse.  The old Jekel would probably also be having this same look, gleefully declaring his next step in the torture of his enemies, but Ally is not ready to go all out yet, even though her children are about to do just that.  Turning to Lady Duplica, Destiny Allure Jekel speaks one word.  “Ersatz.”

    “I think it’s a little late for that,” Catherine says.  “You’ve been fighting side-by-side with your substitute fakes the whole time.”

    “Your riddle-solving wit really does go out the window when you’re mad or hungry, Cat,” Ally taunts.  “I wasn’t referring to the tots.  You may have noticed that my army of lust wasn’t quite as well-staffed as I would have liked, and yet, I didn’t make much effort to keep our sides even other than let the tots distract you until I was certain the traitors were all disposed of.”

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