All this soaks into Red Fire’s mind.  “Angel was Red Rocket.  She had fiery hair, and now, it’s black, and she recovered from some selfish decisions, and she’s doing the very thing for me that I should be doing for someone else.  Angel Rocket, Red Fire…Angel the Red Rocket.  So, we’re both her counterparts?”

    “It wouldn’t be the first time the universes did something like that,” says Owan.  “Or you could ask yourself this: If God thought it was important to have the System Director stop his counterpart routine and make someone original, should she be complaining that she’s empty and useless or be rejoicing that she’s special and doesn’t have to rely on someone else’s story to feel like she matters?”

    With her heart restored and her zeal renewed, Red Fire hugs Angel and punches Owan, then drags her to friends off to find something useful to do on Juniper.  “Thank you so much, Owan and Angel!  I love you both so much!”  Our restored pal isn’t giving up her helmet anytime soon.

    “Bye!” the two say.  “We’ll check on you in a bit, just as soon as new deaders stop pouring in.”

    Before she leaves, Red turns and asks her new hero, “So, with all the failed nicknames, what made you choose the name Angel?”

    “Honestly,” she confesses, “I stopped caring about having my name be what everyone else wanted it to be and just went with what sounded good at the time.  In other words, ask God for His opinion and let that be your standard.”

    Red runs back to give Angel another hug, punching Owan again along the way.  Now, she really does leave, telling Owan he’d better learn to appreciate that perfect miracle of his if he’s allowed to go back to her again.

    “If God gives me another chance with Grace, I would love that,” he remarks, “but whether He sends me back to her or has me stay here, I’m ready for whatever story He intends to write for me.”

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