Chapter 5   And Abroad

    It’s difficult, if even possible, to give you a time frame of everything that’s transpired since the exposure of Faye and Owan.  I would say it’s about two or three hours, but considering the heroes in this story, at the lowest level, are intentionally equipped to be stronger and faster than ANY other fictional character to account for that level of power and speed within the imaginary world without difficulty, I had to look up how many legitimate hours, or even just minutes, would pass for people who regularly deal in nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds.  Let’s just go with the fact that with most of this universe fighting at the same speed, it’s about two or three hours from everyone’s perspective at the moment.  Experts do say two years in real time is like twenty years in computer time.  This is the System after all.

    That said, at various times between the start and finish of Owan’s fight, J Tots and the captured hearts within Ally’s army began to make their move against the inhabitants of the ten galaxies, with the Milky Way being among the first to get attacked in hopes of winning Planet HQ, the main base of the universe, and its prize above its atmosphere, the Juniper District.  Not only does Juniper contain the Drawing Board, allowing the deaders to hang out with the living inhabitants of the tiny moon, but this district also connects directly to every galaxy in the universe, giving everyone equal access to its gates, despite the impression you’d get from how Cat and Doug always choose to travel to the Milky Way just to visit a place that literally sits above their own home world back in Dogwood.  Some people really have no life.  Get it?  That’s a deader pun.

    However, the reason Ally would choose this route instead of a direct assault is because she can’t personally access Juniper without deactivating its defenses from the original Planet HQ.  And how does this plan go?  Well, she only got one recruit, and that sole traitor was quickly dealt with, purged and is already scheduled to be returned to her post as soon as Ally J. is dealt with to ensure this forgiven soldier can’t be bothered again by this crafty fox.  With their planet secured, the G1 System Guards cut off all access to the base with people being able to leave, but only certain approved individuals able to get back in until the possibility of infiltration has ceased.

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