“It’s about time you showed up, Miss” Jaqui says with a playful scowl.  “Couldn’t pick a skirt?”

    “NO, I couldn’t, and it was so annoying!”  This odd one continues her complaint.  “The skirt wasn’t even the real problem.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted a pink mask or a green mask, and I didn’t have time to edit the design to include both colors.  I’m so frustrated right now, I could break a mime in half, heh.”

    “COOL!” Kammy hops in joy.  “Miss Mimi, I am so glad to see you here!  Now, we’re going to have fun.”

    “What’s with the mask?” Doug asks.  “We know what you look like.”

    “Do we?” retorts Mercy as she doesn’t remember who this is.

    Kammy gladly explains.  “Before the interdimensional travels and all the duplicates and look-alikes, but after the first fight with Max and Melody anyway, the System Guards encountered a girl who looked exactly like Missy and even had the same name as her sister.  She wasn’t anything unusual, but was genuinely just a normal human who happened to look like Miss.  With Missy and AB not officially dating yet, Mimi tried to use their identical looks to steal AB away, but the two girls soon put aside their differences and Mimi decided to act as Missy’s bodyguard, using her looks for a more useful security purpose.  Nowadays, however, Mimi can usually be found loafing around HQ with Muse, Charity and Mermaid.”

    “The correct word is chilling, thank you.  Respect your elders.”  Miss adjusts her mask as she says this.  “Now, I specifically came here with the assignment of helping the Scar Twins guard your twins, so if we are done insulting my leisure choices, I’ll escort Gigi inside to find the others.  Believe me, we’re going to need you guys out here to handle that grumper in the sky.”  Miss then gingerly takes Grace by the hand and leads her into the school to look for Elf.

    As they watch their comrade take over, the Scar Twins remember they have other missions to complete today, thus causing them to give their farewell for the time being.  So, now, it would seem it’s only Ally and Whirly to worry about, so let’s hope our crew is able to finish things before something else happens first.

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