Chapter 4   At Home

    The others are still outside with their fallen son when other parents soon arrive.  Seeing his wife on her knees in bitter tears, Darius rushes over to comfort her, letting the dear weep upon his shoulder.

    “What happened?” Owan’s older brother asks as he sees his family in pain.

    “We have a threat somewhere on the premises that impairs the judgment of its victims,” Doug says.  “Abbie, will you follow after Elfie to make sure he’s okay?”

    “Sure,” she says, flying away and regretting this decision wasn’t made sooner.

    “Let me go with her,” John Scott says.  “Whoever did this to my little brother is going to pay.”

    “We may need you here with us,” Doug says, denying this request.  “I have no idea if there is more than one creature on the loose or if it has more victims.  “How did you guys hear about the emergency?”

    July Tara replies, “Cat notified each of us, so we got here as soon as possible.  I’m sorry if our sudden arrival scared you.”  After she says this, she goes over to hug her broken mother-in-law and see her fallen loved one.

    “I didn’t mean to add any pressure to the touchy situation by asking to accompany Lady Abigail,” John Scott says.  “I just want to take out whoever did this.”

    While he would normally be more cautious with such an answer, Doug wants to see John’s reaction to the truth.  “Elfie killed your brother today trying to purify him of the creature’s hold.  He did everything he was supposed to do, but the energy of his System Blade still vanquished Owan instead of healing him.  That’s why we need to find the threat and deal with it.”

    “Then why are we just standing around with my brother unavenged?” John demands to know.  “Whether Elfie or some monster, there is a murderer in the building and we’re having a coffee break out here!”

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