Cat shakes her head, criticizing Ally’s willing ignorance.  “You let your J Tots travel with us, learning everything that we did, and you expect them to always obey you when you can’t even do what they can?”

    “Nice try, Kitty,” Ally scoffs, “but the only thing they can do that I can’t is travel to certain places.  Once I have their data, they serve no purpose, so I destroy each one, every year.  I tell them I’ve made various copies to account for the differing sizes of a growing child, but those stupid droids are all capable of shape-shifting, so any one of them could have been Faye the entire time.  I only lied so they wouldn’t see their yearly death and replacement coming.”

    “What would happen if they all learned of this, I wonder?” Cat asks, preparing to spread this news to the others.

    Ally chuckles, saying, “Go ahead.  Find out, baby.”  She then laughs with that sinister demonic, mechanical laugh her tots used earlier, for this is the laugh of a Jekel.

    Understanding the uselessness of her idea, Cat tries to think of her next move, with her attention span kicking back a few paragraphs.  “So, if you made Ultimaxine, and you can’t travel through time, then you must have played around with the galaxies to only make it appear that history was warning about her.”

    “Pff!!”  Ally giggles and spins around before saying, “NO, you goofy head, I manipulated what history has GENIUNELY been saying about ME from the beginning to make it sound like it was referring to your doppelganger.  It worked quite well, if I do say so myself, though you might have never caught me or Faye in time if not for Owan.  He’s your little hero.  Now, let me say it once more, VERY clearly, I am Destiny the Alluring Jekel, the true Ultimate Machine…then End of All Things.”

    Duplica could care less what she claims to be as Cat is tired of hearing this monster mock a boy she just got killed, so now, it’s time to act and put an end to this creature that has haunted her for over a thousand years.

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