Chapter 3   Are You Mad?

    For whatever reason, Duplica has rushed everyone back to the school and immediately zooms down the hall like she’s going to tear someone in half.  The students don’t know what to do, say or think, with many of them worrying for the safety of their two companions that were left behind.  Other thoughts enter the minds of a few of our students, but no one is hasty to make any undue conclusions.

    “Okay, we need to think of something to pass the time until all of this can be sorted out,” Jo suggests.  “What have you guys learned?”

    “I learned Elfie isn’t always the winner, heh heh,” Gigi quickly comments.

    “I learned Grace is quite the little trickster,” Ent teases back.

    With her hands back to normal, Kammy says, “I am very grateful that Lady Duplica planned for me to meet Z2.  That was very sweet of her.  I would have loved to have visited Storyboard X like AB and his sisters did, but I’ll do that with Paul when we’re able to travel on our own.”

    With a dorky pose, Paul warns, “Elena and Hyperdrive, look out!”  Everyone laughs as Kammy claps in eager anticipation of these future adventures.

    Mercy responds to this by saying to Jocelyn, “Jo, we need to start our own time-traveling duo so we can compete with these two wackos.”

    “We’ll be the Time Sisters!” Jo suggests.

    “No, the History Sistery,” Mercy slowly attempts, realizing how awful this is.

    “The Time Tots!”  Ent submits.

    “The Time Tots!” both girls cheer, loving this very much.

    “Where did you come up with a name like that?” Mercy asks.

    Everyone who’s been paying attention the last year echoes, “Owan.”  This has apparently been his name for everything, including Gigi.

    “He sometimes calls me his little Hot Tot,” she says with a giggle, “and I have to give him the same lecture about calling girls hot.  He’s so hopeless, that weirdo.”

    In the midst of all this teasing, Ent hears a message being sent to his mind.  “Help me.  Hurry.”  He then quickly excuses himself without the others really giving his departure much thought.  As he runs down the hall, he is met by Gigi’s weirdo, Owan, only this is not a time for jokes.

    “Elfie, man, you gotta’ get in there quick!  Ultimaxine is back, and she’s trying to kill Faye!”

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