Gi tries to use her Nova Kick as a distraction to set up the stun version of her deadly Grace Eraser attack, but Blue narrowly escapes this.  However, even though her power is pitiful when put next to that of an Infinite, her wit is enough to have planned her attack so well that Blue is still hit enough to slow him down.  Gigi sees this and is actually able to form another quick trap to finally land a good wave of power upon his head.  The display of tactical proficiency is breathtaking, but Blue is still virtually untouched by the events of the battle.

    “There’s no final exam,” Gigi tells herself, “so, if I overexert myself, it’s worth the amount of iu I’ll probably get from the final result.”  With this logic in mind, Gigi decides to go all out until she simply loses all stamina rather than miss an ounce of experience points to be added to her leveling up.  Her efforts give everyone a show of the might this girl typically hides with all her friends usually being the ones to save the day.  She used to be a weaker teammate, or at least on par with the average members thereof, but now, Gigi…no, wait; she’s actually the weakest this year.  Even with Owan being irresponsible with his own SG exercises the last few years, he’s still six levels above poor Gigi, and the worst part is that she’s been so nervous about the numbers lately that she tries to ignore them so that she’s not intimidated in battle.  Thus, she has no idea how pitifully behind she really is, but right now, that doesn’t matter as she’s determined to give a performance that would have everyone believe that she’s an Infinite Warrior just like Blue.

    In truth, Red figured out the strategy long ago, but she’s been watching her friend’s amazing determination and has been waiting for just the right moment, which happens to be now.  Much to Blue’s dismay, he was too slow in figuring out the girls’ scheme.  He’d normally catch something like this, but he, too, noticed Gigi’s careless desperation in switching and was too preoccupied with letting her get the experience she needs to worry about the reasons behind her actions.  Thus, Red is able to defeat Ent before Blue can beat Gracie.

    So now, we will see what Grace was really after.  You see, she didn’t just win a silly contest against her brother.  Because of the nature of the Infinites, Grace was able to gain amounts of experience points that she couldn’t get from simply winning a miraculous victory over her iu-warrior sibling.  Not only this, but she made it a point to push the fight for as long as possible, putting forth all her strength to take advantage of this rare opportunity.  A victory over someone five levels above you can bump you up to their level as the System recognizes your equal standing with that stage.  A victory over someone higher than that is usually only possible with outside help, so the iu amount gained isn’t that much more than three or four, depending on your participation in the matter.  With all the scores tallied up, Gigi ends the fight having progressed seven levels.  Go, Gracie Grace!  Now, not only is she higher than Owan, but she’s also in range to beat the strongest of the class, Entoni, all by herself.  That’s still a tall order, but totally doable for Gigi.

    “Guys, we have to go right now!”  Duplica hates to interrupt the fun, with Grace just being happy this announcement came seconds after the big powerup.

    “Are you having a problem bringing Faye and Owan here?” Ent asks.

    “Oh, there’s a problem alright, but it’s definitely not going on in the Drawing Board.  We need to deal with this immediately.  I’m sorry.”

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