Chapter 10   Infinite Fate

    That’s right; this is a little review of our series regarding the friendship of Elf and Faye which started only months before the scene you are looking at here.  By the time of our first field trip, Miss Worley had known her friends for about a year, seeing how each trip comes in May.  Keep in mind that she is an Infinite Warrior and is well versed in future events, knowing when she has to speak and act like a J Tot versus when she can be herself with no negative effects on history.  The routine in general involves deactivating and kidnapping every year’s J Tot so that our spy can learn everything for herself while protecting Elf from Ally’s spies.  When each lesson is done, Faye reprograms her evil victim with its new information of memories it believes are its own, when they are actually Faye’s.  I know, right?!  Ally wanted to give Faye the tot’s memories, but all those moments were actually given to them by Faye.

    As we look at that first trip, traveling to Storyboard XII, you may be familiar with the cute scene of Ally coaching Miss Worley with helpful dating tips, but the explanation for that will have to wait until later.  Right now, it’s travel time.  For that matter, this first year was more like fun than work for a girl who got to pretend she was interested in a guy she didn’t know yet.  Whereas the J Tots were genuinely obsessed with Ent, Faye would often have to resort to her superpowers to shut off her sense of humor because she found the antics so ridiculous that she’d laugh in Elfie’s face otherwise.  She was trying her best, and she was a great protector, but that doesn’t take away from the fact Faye was enjoying a delightful game of make-believe.  She could’ve done without Gigi’s temper though.

    From trying the delicious children’s candy known as honey recipe aboard Captain Jackie’s pirate ship to meeting her dear friend Lady Vahnna, Miss Worley had quite the adventure for her first trip through time, not counting moving to Juniper.  And speaking of Vahnna, sometimes, Faye would get the impression that someone she knew was impersonating this sweet woman, but she couldn’t figure out who until sometime later.  Whoever it was apparently loved Faye just as much, so she didn’t mind.  Having met Captain Jackie, a look-alike of her own mother, made the girl miss her creator, so a kind friend in this depressing time was much appreciated.

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