Keb cries.

    The System Director gives his final order to the trio.  “Ally, Cat, Abbie, do everything you can to learn from this so that you can be prepared to share the love, grace, patience and whatever other lessons from God He may want you to bless others with.”

    And so, everyone is sent to their place.  Cat’s friends are sent home, the twins are sent to the past, using their Infinite Warrior powers to adjust their age to that of thirteen years, and three sisters are sent to begin the biggest time out of their lives.

    With everyone else gone, AB, Missy, Keb and the System Director all walk around the asteroid, appreciating its nostalgia.  Along the way, Keb points out the hilarity of the girls’ names, going for the initials, since we already chuckled at Ally Cat Abbie.

    “Abigail and Cat Duplica, that’s like AB and Cici, but Abbie and CD, or even just AB and CD.”

    Missy adds, “Then you have the Rug kids, EF and G.”

    “I’m hungry,” Keb randomly declares.

    As the girls both demand food, the men, equally hungry, decide on which restaurant they should stop at.

    “I could go for a pizza,” the Director suggests.

    “You sure you don’t want to try Missy’s newest dish?” AB asks as a loyal advertisement.

    “I’m feeling like Japanese cuisine, myself,” Missy asserts.

    “I’m figs,” Keb confesses.

    “Joy, joy!  Nice to meet you, Figs,” Patient Missy Melody faithfully teases.

    Keb shrugs and blurts, “What?  I want figs!  Is that a problem?  They’re healthy!”

    As the two crazy women continue their random nonsense, AB soon gets dragged into the fun with the System Director laughing at his faithful IMPs cast and joking, “Oh, brother, guys!  Keb, pull yourself together, ha ha!”

    They, too, leave, meaning it’s time to see what’s next.  However, before we go forward, let’s back up for a special trip through this familiar history from the eyes of a precious hero named Faye.

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