Chapter 9   A Second Try

    Well, let’s make another attempt at finishing the Juniper tour in one chapter.  Our group has taken so long to gather their thoughts, they only notice the next wave of faces in time to prepare for the oncoming attack.  Oh, did I say attack?  That would be more accurately directed at Little Miss Nightmare.

    “Oof!  What was that for?”  Edge says as he’s been lightly punched on the arm.

    “Because you chose the wrong name,” Faye responds.

    “Oh?  What should my nickname have been then, since you chose it?”

    “So, I did,” Faye agrees.  “Since Grace goes by Gigi anyway, I think I could get away with calling you my Grace.”

    “Sweet intention, bad idea,” Ent has no guilt crashing this party.  “What gave you this idea?”

    “Well,” his lovely explains, “how many times do I need to be told that my fear is the only thing to holds me back from following God?  My fear of people made me harass you when we were younger, and it’s making me torment you with endless paranoia.  It also fuels my anger.  But the one thing I want to fill my mind is that you’re more than I deserve.  I don’t know where we’ll be five years from now, but this moment with you is even more than I deserve to have.  I just wanted you to know I appreciate you.  You’re so kind to me, and I respect you so much.  Okay, enough of that with the AB and Missy right here, he he.”

    And with AB and Missy now here, it’s a good time for everyone to get reminded of who’s who.  I’ll fill you in while Doug rehearses any forgotten info with the teens.  You know AB and Missy, as well as Keb in the middle, regardless of her longer hair.  I’ve mentioned Fun and Sanz enough that you know they’re her husband and daughter.  You probably don’t know her other daughter Tracy Allison, named after Tracy Mizer and Ally Horn, nor do you know her son yet.  His first name is the same as Ant’s, so we won’t bother messing that crossword puzzle up with trying to pronounce or spell it.  That makes him simply Michael Sanchez, or AMs, I guess.  So, that leaves the weirdo in the middle.  Keb, I’m not helping you with this one.

    “Fine!” she angrily growls.

    “But first,” Cici interjects, ready to win a battle, “I’d like to point out that I’m the one in uniform this time while y’all are the ones walkin’ around like it’s Casual Friday.”

    Missy easily reflects this back by saying, “Yeah, but we weren’t the ones looking like we just rolled out of bed, hon.”

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