“I guess that was more addressed to the real-worlders than to you guys.  But either way, while I’m honest in saying that, my ultimate opinion of myself is formed by God.  My System Director earnestly seeks HIS Creator for the decisions made in this little parallel world of ours, so I know that even if my voice can’t reach heaven, I have a friend who is praying for me, and that friend has a God who cares about every part of His children, even including their dopey little ideas they have.  And on that note, Philippians 4 says that the Christian is to think on true thoughts, on honest thoughts, on righteous thoughts, on pure thoughts, lovely thoughts, thoughts of good report, PRAISEWORTHY thoughts.  If God is the one saying there are lovely thoughts that are PRAISEWORTHY, then that gives me hope that I can be of some importance to Him, even if it’s simply as an illustration of what He can do in the lives of the real-worlders.”

    The crowd is silent.

    Reader, as the author, I’m admitting to you that what I had planned for this chapter is not at all what was written here.  Even the chapter title was in reference to something else not even here now because of the change of direction, and yet, Cici wanting to include Ina, the poor, neglected sister here…that is why I enjoy writing for the PACs.  When I say I try to give them as much autonomy as possible, it’s moments like this that truly pay off.  So, to not take away from the precious moment these young ladies have just shared with us, I’m going to end the chapter here and pick up when our friends are ready to continue.

    This is why I love writing this story.

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