Chapter 8   The Neglected Sister

    On a cold, lonely moon, high above Planet HQ, a crevice along the surface hides a strange object that does not belong on this empty plain.  It’s a strange plant, a hybrid of juniper and dogwood, growing within this dip in the ground, and on this plant, there is a door.  As you open this door, your eyes will see it…the Juniper Dogwood District.  This city is a large, almost endless civilization that only serves as the foyer to the house of the people who own this piece of property.

    “Who did you say owns this?” asks Paul.

    “The System Director,” Doug replies.

    “Wait, THE System Director?  Are we going to meet him?  How does that work with him being the author?  So, does he sit around, playing make believe in a pretend house?”  Paul asks, trying not to sound disrespectful.

    Chuckling, Doug says, “He may or may not meet us, depending on if he thinks the real-worlders could handle that or not, as he doesn’t want to hinder the story too much with the criticism that might get in the way of such a thing.  People are annoying sometimes.  Also, it’s not that he sits around, playing make believe all the time, it’s just the fact that since he’s gone through all this trouble to create such an elaborate universe, why not make a spot to think about what kind of house he would have if he himself were an Infinite Warrior.  Then again, his Creator, the only true Infinite power, has promised great rewards to all that faithfully follow Him.  So, the System Director thinks of Juniper as his personal planning ahead just in case he’s able to use the floorplans for anything he might be blessed with during the Millennial Reign of Christ.  Of course, that’s all up to God, but there’s nothing wrong with diligently thinking ahead, right?”

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