Taking back the spotlight, Judy says, “You are correct in equating Faye, Kammy and Jo with us.  I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times that we all have the face model of Lara Shiloh, but there are some details I want to share with you.  It really stinks that Greco is on Juniper right now with Unitera, but we’ll manage the lesson without her.  Although, she told me she was going to see Twinlight Talia, since that girl had met another version of Greco from a storyboard where she was created in South Korea instead of Naples and pursued a career in singing due to her awesome harmonizing skills as opposed to Greco Romana becoming a professional fighter because of the strength she had from formerly being a stone statue, so I’d imagine that other Greco would look like us as well, maybe?”

    Looking at his watch, Doug insists, “Judy, I’m sorry, but we have to go.  We can add this on later, or you can come with us.”

    “But it’s importaaAAAAANT!”  In saying the last, drawn-out word, Judy’s volume increases as her personal space decreases unnaturally so that she’s in Doug’s face before his mind processes what’s happening, thus startling him when he realizes the half-pint is in his bubble.

    Having made her point, she continues by directing everyone’s attention to her look-alikes, with the one in yellow giddily bouncing as she’s finally going to be famous.  “Okay, so I’ll hurry.  Lara was the source of our face model, yadda yadda.  You three Dogwood residents and I all have the default look while Yuri, ironically Lara’s great-niece as a result of all the retirees moving to New Ru, had her face model adjusted a little to give her a unique, pretty visage that we’ve all come to adore.  Now, even though my model is after the default, as is Greco’s, I’ve always looked up to Yuri, more than just in height, and so I’ve tried to be as fashionable and amazing as she is, and apparently, it’s worked because most people think I got my model from her, not taking the time to compare us all.”

    “The makeup doesn’t help, Lady Joker,” Ent humbly admits.

    “No, but it is cute, isn’t it?”  As Judy waits for an answer, Ent doesn’t know what to say.  Will Faye get mad for him calling another girl cute, or will she get mad for not saying her face model is pretty?

    “I think the reason your face model is so attractive is because it was anticipating a work of art yet to be created.”  Looking at his girl as he carefully crafts his words, Ent is overjoyed to see her beaming approval, more at his wisdom than his actual compliment.

    “Yes, well, that leaves the twins,” Judy says.  “Purlie is a clone of Kinley, and Kinley looks oddly like us even though she’s not from New Ruyngard or the Dogwood Galaxy.  She’s not related to Lara as Kinley is of the Lyrene.  So, my question is, ‘How is it that a girl not even from New Ru not only looks like us, but has her own double, like any of us would?  What’s up with that?”

    Staring intently at the four women in question, though carefully, Doug evaluates this situation.

    Jocelyn says to him, “I see the obvious similarity between Yuri and Judy, as you’d expect, but I have to say that I’m not seeing the resemblance to the twins.”

    Having heard his partner’s opinion, Doug stares directly at poor Kinley’s face for three and a half minutes before finally making a judgment on the situation.  “Kinley is…Kinley.  Now, we have to go.  Bye, Judy.”

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