Chapter 5   A Familiar Face


    “Where are we now?”  This comes from the wonderful Rug daughter, Nova G., as she looks around and notices the group is in a swamp that she’s pretty sure she’s visited before.  With this being such a rare vacation spot, the details come back very quickly.

    As his daughter finally remembers who she should be seeing in this area, Doug still answers her question, explaining the route they’ve just taken.  “Well, we happen to be in Galaxy 2 right now, the Andromeda Galaxy, and we are in the Quasar System.”

    As he pauses his answer for sake of effect, this succeeds as Kammy realizes, “We skipped Galaxy 3?  Why is that?”

    “There are no planets in Galaxy 3, only an endless ocean.  It happens to be called the Dolphin Galaxy.”

    The teens burst in excitement as they are sure this is the dolphin church they visited last year.  Doug confirms this but explains why he skipped it.  “When I looked at the notes, their name was scribbled out, almost like Cat was violently angry.  I called ahead, only to learn they had just recently repelled a robot invasion and needed time to recover.”

    “A robot invasion?!” Paul gasps.

    “It’s gotta’ be the Mirrors!” Ent insists.

    “I don’t know,” Doug remarks.  “The dolphins said these machines were all female in design.  I kind of find that odd, given the gender of all our guests, but whatever.”

    “I guess Allure wasn’t so penitent after all,” Kammy taunts.

    “Grr!  I hate when the teachers do this to us!” Faye quietly rants.

    “What are you talking about?” Ent asks her.

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