“Have those seriously been there the whole time and we didn’t notice?” Ruly asks.

    “They have,” Doug confirms.

    “Go head then,” Julie encourages.  “Show us how it works.”  The class obliges, giving the final goodbyes and beginning to swing back and forth, going higher and higher until each student is ready to jump.  As they throw themselves from their seats, they disappear, presumably landing in another galaxy lightyears away.  As Doug is the last to jump, not ashamed to use a swing as a grown man, not only does he disappear, the swing set vanishes as well with its final occupant transported to the new location.

    “Well then,” Julie says, staring at the now vacant spot.

    “They really were bored, weren’t they,” Duly comments, staring with Julie before finally admitting, “I want one of those.”

    Having landed in the next galaxy, Faye checks to make sure that Elfie is still by her.  As she happily confirms his presence, she turns to him and quickly jumps into one of their riddles.  “Mr. Rug, the more handsome one, you and your partner go to swing into the next destination when the ropes suddenly turn into giant snakes that wrap you both up and are about to devour you.  As you go to cut them with your System Sabers, you realize the snakes’ grip was tight and swift enough to shatter the weapon on your glove, leaving you saberless.  What do you do, man?  What do you do?”

    As she looks at him in her typical dramatic fashion for when they play this game, Elfie only begins thinking for a moment before giving their joking pre-answer guess.  Only, he hears Faye say it with him.  “We die together.”  They both chuckle, and Ent smiles as he gets the message from his friend that she’s feeling much better.  With this worry behind them, Double-Edge begins to give his actual assessment of the situation as the class moves to their next lesson.  These two weirdos truly are a couple of nerds.  Isn’t it romantic?  Or rather, isn’t it “non-romantic”?

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