Chapter 4   In the Shadows

    “Kidders?  HUG MEEEE!!!”

    This is the humorous greeting from a young woman who is usually very proper in her speech but just had to attack her long-awaited guests once they finally arrived.  Oh, and you may have noticed this female has wings.  Is she an angel?  No, not at all, but you’ll learn about her in a moment.

    “Who died?” Faye teasingly asks the blue girl in her long black dress.

    “It’s a black dress,” is the stern retort.

    “Oh,” Faye quickly responds.  “I was only teasing.  I’m sorry if I offended you.”

    “It’s okay,” says Raideena, “I’ve been told I need to lighten up, no pun intended.”  As her joke makes Faye giggle, the blue girl decides she can laugh too, so she lets herself go, or as much as her personality will let her.  Deena’s not necessarily gloomy, just the more serious type.

    Now, if you’re thinking Angie’s her bubbly opposite based on her opening line, then you didn’t pay attention.  After the winged woman got her hug, her nature revealed itself as something more noble and proper, like that of a princess, even though she’s not particularly of any royal bloodline.

    “So, let me explain where we are,” says Doug.  “We are in Galaxy 5, the Tadpole Galaxy.  Here, we have two solar systems, the Telfor System with others like Angie here, and the Azuloth System with a bunch of blue people, usually.  Now, I’m going to let these lovely ladies tell you about their homes and such so you can get to know them better.  Take it away, gals!”

    With Angie being picked as the starter player here, she begins her little report.  “I’m delighted that you all picked me to teach a lesson, since I’m not an official System Guard or anything.  I believe I should first tell you about myself to dispel any religious suspicions in your minds.  I am not an angel.  While there is a winged System Guard who calls herself by that name, she and I are merely humans who happen to possess wings.

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