Still unsure of the situation, Faye responds in a defeated tone, “I don’t know.  It’d be nice to not have Mirrors go everywhere I do.”  Then, looking at her tiny twin, the girl asks the woman, “Why does it have to be this way?”

    Hugging her newly established friend, Judy tells her, “Sometimes, we’re called into a situation that seems too hard for us.  We don’t ask for it, but if we keep our eyes on the other side, that’s how we’re able to endure the pain that may come along the way.  I have a feeling you will do everything God has called you to do, but that still only depends on if you give Him everything or not, even what you fear the most.”

    She knows the class is confused and wants answers regarding Faye, but J3 won’t let anyone harm her emotions by goading her into a discussion she’s not quite ready to have.  With this in mind, J never leaves the girl’s side or takes her loving arm from its place around Faye’s shoulders.  Elfie doesn’t understand, but the drastic change in Judy’s demeanor the moment she saw this Faye tells Ent there is a good reason for what’s going on.  He just needs to trust his friend until she can explain.

    The extra time with Judy more than makes up for the lost minutes from before Faye got off the bus, so the crew feels ready to head off again.  However, the team takes a special few minutes to shower Faye with love so that she knows how much her friends care for her, even if there is some weird stuff going on with everyone right now.  The Mirrors have everybody in an anxious state, so there’s no need to jump on Faye for what may very well just be one of her goofy moments.  Since she has been known to cloak herself and completely abandon the battlefield when emotionally broken, it’s entirely possible she was invisible during the fight with the big monster, saw the Mirror and was just not in the mood to accept the fact there’s apparently an annoying army of supposedly dead monsters making fun of her new cloning technique.

    “Remember,” Ent whispers to Gi as they discuss it later, “every time Faye does something cool for me, the villains always find a way to make it out like it’s a bad thing, almost like the universe is taunting her.  She may have just had enough of the System making fun of her and gave up for a while.”  This thought almost makes Ent and Gigi weep for their friend.

    If this is the case, maybe we will eventually find out who takes such joy in ruining Faye’s life and turning all her loved ones against her in the next few chapters.

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