Chapter 3   Trial by Fire

    “I’m sorry for getting caught by those goons,” Faye pleads to her friends.  “I was an idiot to let my guard down.  I ruined our time with the girls because of not applying my training.”  Her friends comfort her with caring words, letting her know they are glad she is okay, and are more concerned about the Mirrors being in the present universe than they are with a leisurely stroll they can always reschedule.

    “Now,” Doug says, pulling out his handy dandy napkin map, “let’s see what we’re blatantly told to avoid next.”  Unfortunately, his directions will be of no use as the older notes simply list the inhabitants while the new set is so convoluted, Doug shows them to the girls, with all three teachers agreeing it’s almost like Cat’s encouraging them to go to the Cyber System of the Lyger Galaxy while at the same time wording it in a way that almost makes it sound as dangerous as the Mirror System.  “Whatever,” says Doug, “we’ll either get it right or die trying, I suppose.”  The girls are not content with this answer, but he’s in charge, so they plan to teleport the kids out if they need to leave him to a lonely demise.

    So, the trek is made toward G7S1, wherein are the planets Hybur and Emrich.  While all the planets in the Lyger Galaxy are “What if” stories of what System history would be like if the villains died and stayed dead after their first recorded defeat, those of the Cyber System revolve around the Lyrene people, such as well-known System Guards Prince Emakin, Kinley and Purlie, while Planet Williams of the Shiloh System follows the lineage of Buck and Lara Shiloh, as indicated by the name.  Planet Williams’ neighbor Murek is an exception to this whole thing, having a unique history of its own.  At any rate, on Planet Emrich, Kinley’s counterpart is a powerful warrior, part Lyrene and part Junman, meaning she can slightly manipulate time as well as matter, while the Kinley of Planet Hybur is just her regular Lyrene self, traveling through space until she landed on a cool machine planet.  In either case, the adventures the kids will learn about from them will be quite amazing.  There’s just one problem; they’ll never get there.

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