Thus, his demanding date turns out to be a mirror herself.  As soon as he realizes this terrible fact, he quickly makes short work of the machine that was impersonating his Faye, but for the other two, he must use more caution.  Not only is Faye about as strong as Elfie, giving him an idea of how difficult her two captors must be, but there’s also the obvious fact his buddy’s in their hands, so Elf can’t just go hacking away.  I mean, the System Blades use a purifying energy that wouldn’t harm the girl, but Ent wouldn’t do that to her, knowing her phobia of the things because of her father’s accidental death long ago due to the mishandling of such technology.  So, another plan needs to be hatched.  However, one of the adults sees this attempted kidnapping and uses their Infinite abilities to instantly transform both machines into literal empty soda cans.  Once free, Faye takes care of the rest.

    “GRR!!  TAKE THAT!!  THAT’S for making me look bad in front of my Elfie, you trash!”  Now, having properly vented, Faye can defuse and resume her lovely walk that was taken from her by these assailants.

    Of course, this attack speaks volumes to everyone.  When the storyboards combined into one, this resulted in all the villains of the past being wiped out, either at the Feast of Demons or by time itself as most of the extra universes were simply allowed to finish out their lifespans, with the relative rate of time being sped up so they’d all be history in comparison to the modern universe.  All of that implies Mirrors should no longer exist.  Why in the world would they, conveniently, pop up in the Mirror System of the Katalina Galaxy.  Before they can be accused of anything, MK insists on the System Sabers being used on them to verify their innocence.  As this is done and the girls are cleared of any ill intentions, it’s deemed best that MK’s group look further into this issue while Doug promises to pay better attention to his wife’s written warnings.

    As the kids leave, Faye looks at MK with sorrowful eyes, knowing this is her fault.  The look of kindness, however, staring back at her assures the young girl that MK gets it and that everyone can just catch up later.  Faye is happy and thinks of how to make up for her carelessness of getting caught.

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