Chapter 13   Dressed for Success

    “This is the wonkiest family photo we’ve ever taken,” Ent complains.

    “Nah, you’ll appreciate it later,” Cat insists.

    “But why to I have to be Packy?” Gigi wants to know.

    “One,” Cat says, “because you’re a PAC.  Secondly, this is a story of Grace, and Pac VII was the main storywriter, so it fits.”

    “No, it doesn’t,” Gigi firmly stands her ground.

    “Young lady,” the woman calls out.

    “Fine, I’m an elephant.  Ert.”  Gigi is so embarrassed.  “And yet, you get to be Matriarch.  That’s totally not fair, Mom!”

    “Hey,” she says, “Matriarch was technically a kangaroo from SBL, so you’re not the only animal in this recreation of the Seven System Guardians.”

    Faye gags.  “We weren’t even smiling in that picture.  Why did you force us to look so serious?”

    “Because,” Duplica deduces, “it was a battle pic.  You don’t look like you’re going to a birthday party in a battle pic.”

    “But that’s exactly what we were doing today,” Faye argues.  “We were fighting while planning to go to a birthday party later.  I don’t see the validity in your logic, Lady Duplica.”

    “Elfie, baby,” Cat says with an evil tone in her voice, “can you practice being a good leader to your little friend and help her to see things my way?”

    “Sorry, Mom,” Ent says, “but I’m not that brave.”

    “Hmm,” Duplica is intrigued by this.  “Faye, you want to have some fun?  Which one of us is he more afraid of?”

    “Mwahahahaha!” Faye joins in this plot.

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