First, we see Paul getting ready for his finishing move.  Is it one of A.J. Scar’s attacks?  Nope, this is all Paul.  It’s called his Stab Storm, and how it works is he uses his super speed to dance around his opponent while using his System Sword to unleash a flurry of jabs.  It’s elementary, but it’s still cool and works very well.  Kammy, on the other hand, simply calls her finishing move ‘Z ya, Baby’ as she merely charges Baby Z up to full power and blasts away.  She might use her hair attack to hold foes in place, but she’s satisfied with the simplicity of her attack.  It’s not like she’s lacking in the power to follow through with her strategies.

    Gigi has sent many a Female Phantom to the dumpster with her Nova Kick, but now it’s time for her Time Stopper attack.  One of Missy Millennia’s technique, Gigi freezes her adversaries in time and fires trillions of nanosecond-fast blasts with her laser guns from the feet up, completely erasing them from existence.  “And that is why I’m going to call it the Gracie Racer, or maybe Grace Eraser.  I might even shorten it to Grace Erase.  I mean, it’s a cool play on Gracie Grace, but then again, maybe I should try a different name so I don’t go promoting erasing grace and mercy, ha ha!”

    And now, we draw our attention to Owan Meyers standing upon a rock, overlooking a field of Female Phantoms.  Take the floor, Owan.  “Excuse me, excuse me!  I’d like to read you all a story.”  He crouches down a bit to gather energy, the raises up, with his arms spread out wide.  “This is the Story of Red!”  The phantoms are then surrounding by two massive walls of red energy, almost like the ends of a book.  Before they can escape, Owan quickly brings his hands together, closing the red book as he yells, “The End!”  All of his adversaries are thus done away with.

    That leaves Elfie to show off his new move.  First, he hits this bot and that, directing traffic to get everyone in front of him.  His attack will cover a wide range, but he doesn’t want to take chances.  With the targets all properly lined up, the strategy can be finished out.  “Cleansing Wave!!”  Saying this, Double-Edge uses his twin System Swords to slice across the horizon on a massive scale, eliminating all enemies in sight.

    “I thought we agreed on ‘Edge of Reality!’” Faye yells from a distance.

    “I felt Cleansing Wave pointed more to the source of our power and less at my strength.”

    “Hm,” Faye laughs as she understands, “alright, I like your idea better, especially when you explain it like that.  Now, let me practice by giving God the glory for allowing me to do this!”  What Faye refers to is the fact she’s finally cracked the code of the phantoms, allowing her to control them.  She’s even able to send a program to all the remaining bots in the universe, which only includes Dogwood at this point, to let go of anyone they’ve digitized.  After all they’ve been through today, the class can finally turn the tide as Ultimaxine is all alone with her own army now turned against her.

    She tries to put up a valiant fight against her rival, keeping it one-on-one, but her bitter, vicious, attitude shows that she is not worth sparring with, so Cat lures the wannabe into a very easy trap with Faye using one of Maxi’s phantoms to trap her, just like Ally had promised.  How sad that this Cat Sky couldn’t even lose this battle in the traditional, epic fashion of villains long ago.  Faye quickly destroys every Phantom, except for the one holding Maxi.  However, in desperation, Ultimaxine yells, “No, you don’t!” and somehow transfers her data out of the phantom she’s in.  Unfortunately for her, the only place she lands is in another nearby phantom before Faye can realize what’s been done.  In other words, Faye tried to save Ultimaxine, but the villain accidentally got herself killed.

    “Aw, man…” Faye says, instantly feeling guilty.  “I’m sorry I had to do that.”

    Cat puts her arm around the girl and says, “Faye, don’t be sorry.  You are the hero today.  Besides, I really don’t think your mama’s going to be angry with you for this.”

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