Chapter 12   Mommy’s Angry with You

    Oh, now that they can properly defend themselves, this class is a different cast altogether.  It may not be as easy as the previous fights, but they’ve received all the training equivalent to the greatest heroes of every storyboard, so they are thoroughly prepared for this test.  Rushing out to meet the foe, our six decide to stick together in order to perform a System Guard classic of going to where the battle is going the best to quickly shift the advantage of numbers in our favor.  While it’s natural for them to want to help where folks are struggling, and while they will do this where it’s deathly needed, spreading themselves out among uncertain odds is more likely to lead them toward an even more difficult bout with even less support around them.  By using this strategy, however, they weaken the enemy and increase their team power, all while not expending the strength they’ll need as the battle lingers on.

    With the stake so high, none of the students have problems showing off all their best moves as their lives kind of depend on it.  Edge goes around, slicing machines to bits while Gigi demonstrates the vast rate of improvement she’s seen over the last year.  I say this, knowing they are all Infinites now, but you should keep in mind that the bots they’re facing are also Infinites, so it’s even.  So, whatever of Gigi’s progress that would have been overshadowed by her new strength is still noticeable with her opponents evening out the new advantage.

    Over to the right, Kammy does her typical thing of dominating everything that comes against her, and with twice the force as she’s highly upset for the hard time these things gave her earlier.  Meanwhile, Paul is putting his machines in a world of confusing pain as he uses his speed to deliver one of his attacks called Frozen Fire, which does exactly what it sounds like it would.  As the machines cry out in agony, Paul obliges them by putting them out of their misery.  Meanwhile, Kammy plays tennis with some machines, bouncing them off a wall until she is satisfied and blows them into nonexistence with Baby Z.

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