Seeing the raging bully charging back, Ally replies, “Let’s not die first, then we’ll discuss my schedule.”

    Watching the two sisters fight, Doug realizes that there’s something he needs to take care of.  Sensing the location of all the students, he teleports them all to him.  Most of them, except for Faye and Elfie, have taken a pretty good beating, but Doug is able to quickly heal them and give them a present to aid their cause.  “I’m making you all temporary Infinite Warriors.  That way, you can fight back now.  We can talk about the science later.  Just know the ‘virtually’ in virtually anything has a strong emphasis in terms of my being able to cut off the new power when we’re done, heh heh.  Other than that, welcome to the wild side!”

    And with that, all six students are given the power of Infinite Warriors and eagerly rush back to settle their scores with the Female Phantoms.  It’s go time, baby!

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