Chapter 10   A Sweet Memory

    Hugging her crazy brother-in-law, Abbie says, “Well, I think it stinks you guys are in such a hurry, but I understand.  You’re very busy and have to get the class back to Dogwood.  Maybe you guys can make it back in time before the costume party comes and goes.”

    As Doug looks around, he realizes he is closer to Juniper Residentials, the housing area, than he thought.  Thus, he says, “Perish the sad thought; we’ll walk you to the house so you can tell us your story.  After that, there’s one more person I want to talk to that I’m highly surprised Cat didn’t include in the list.

    “Oh, what a treat!”  Abbie cheers.

    However, as they begin walking, they soon run into Elena Beluu’s dad Ken Burt happily pushing a broom along the sidewalk while humming, as he is a part of the Juniper janitorial staff.

    “Ken, sup, bro?” Doug says, slapping him five.

    “Oh, just doing my job, humming one of my wife’s songs,” the father of a time-traveler responds.  “I could be over at the music arena with Steph and her Jugular System counterpart, but I figure I’d find a hobby that could benefit everyone, ha ha.”

    Kammy smiles big and proudly, boasting, “I have all your wife’s CDs, Mr. Burt.  Her voice is so soothing, and yet so sad.  For that matter, it makes me wonder why XI Fiona Sakuro doesn’t sing more often like her counterparts do.  I mean, Keb is a regular there, seeing how she’s the one in charge of that section, so you’d think teaching-obsessed Fiona would cave to the fact she has a powerful singing voice.”

    Following this logic, Ken adds, “What I find funny is Elena never once considered singing, other than for the fun of it, but wanted to be a crime-fighting keeper of the peace like her dad.  That’s how she ended up being the famous time-traveler we all know her to be.  Even that granddaughter of mine, Atlanta Blue, is all about time-travel, making family reunions exciting with both the present infant and my future granddaughter sitting together at the table, ha ha!”

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