“I wish my family was here…” Kinley complains.

    “But…I’m right here,” Judy’s head drops in sorrow.

    Bursting into joyous smiles, Kinley hugs her and cheers her up by telling her, “Yay!  And you’re a good sister, too!  You and Purlie and Aiden Ashley and A.J. Brown and Aiden’s granny along with all her friends.  WOO!  Yay family!  And I can always harass my lot from the Drawing Board when we visit here.”

    “I’m glad it all works out!” Doug cheerfully chimes before singing, “Now, goodbye!”

    The people present follow this and do the hugging and such with all the face folks heading off to do who-knows-what.  As we quickly move into the next chapter, hopefully, we can get out of here before Judy remembers something else.

-Next Chapter (Bye, Judy!)-

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-Oh, why not?  Wanna’ Ride Again?-

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