Chapter 9  Just Desserts

    “Man, you guys are gullible.”

    This is from the mouth of the Ultimate Maximum as the very victims he just slew come popping out of nowhere to join him and his two girls where they stand.  While the grip of terror switches to the hearts of the bad guys, Ultimax, Melody and Eulogy all change into their friendlier counterparts, and to make things more interesting, James Scott and A.J. Scar stand with them as well.

    “Let me tell you what is going to happen now, my near-sighted nightmares,” says AB who is definitely not a bad guy today.  “While you were taken back by my green transformation, you neglected the infinite army of System Guards that teleported around you, all sent here by the System Director as he has also locked this universe, everyone’s favorite, Storyboard XI, so that none of you can escape from this wonderful Feast of Demons.  Oh, I guess I should clarify.  This wasn’t designed to be a feast FOR you demonic nightmares.  This is our time to ‘feast’ upon you.  Mind you, only metaphorically, bleck!”

    “WE ARE BETRAYED!!” Arion Jekel screeches, causing a chaotic panic that transitions into the most pitiful attempt at self-defense you have ever seen from these bewildered bad guys.  None of the System Guards are even slightly harmed, let alone severely injured or killed.  This is the one time where the nightmares are the victims.  Mind you, folks like Green Turcho and Ancyriac were actually heroes by now and just pretended to be evil again.

    As they are rounded up, AB announces, “After all these years, you nightmares know better.  You’ve had chance after chance to change, and the System Director has decided the time has come to permanently cleanse his mind of your kind.  So, we give you two choices this time; surrender peacefully or never partake of this reality again.  No matter your crimes or the millions you’ve killed, your surrender will ensure a peaceful future for you.”  And with this line drawn, the System Guards wait for any who would dare take them up on their offer.  But the answer is a unified, violent no.

    While this scene of judgment day plays out, let’s check in on the class.

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