As the crowd cheers, the voice of AB’s niece calls out to him.  “Uncle, do I mean nothing to you?  You’re supposed to follow God, no matter what.  Everything you told me, how I was special and how you wanted me to obey the Lord, even if it went against what I wanted…was that all just lies?  I love you and will forgive you for taking my life, but what will Mom say when she learns that her own brother is the one who killed her daughter?”

    Max looks over at his niece and casually responds, “Why don’t you ask your mother for yourself?  Who do you think is powering this suit, like she’s always done?”  This revelation of Cici’s defection is almost enough to take Jessie Joy’s life from her.  She drops towards the floor, void of morale, but is caught by Charis and Charity.

    “I don’t get it,” Elf says in agony at the sight of this betrayal.  “How can this be happening?  And for that matter, why in the worlds are you so happy about this, Mom?!”

    Calling the class’s attention back from the scene they’re watching, Duplica lets them all in on a cruel secret.  “Hey guys, you know how I’ve been so set on making sure to take my sweet, precious time with when we travel from storyboard to storyboard?  Well, I was buying the other Mirrors time to change history so that instead of AB versus Max…now AB IS Max!!”

    Mercy adds, “We were stalling for time so that everything would be set up by the time we got here.  We couldn’t have six brave teenagers getting in our way of taking over your universes, now could we?”

    “O-our universes?” Kammy trembles terribly at this wording.  “Th-then w-who are you?”

    Before this can be answered, however, the attention shifts once again back to Ultimax as he loudly proclaims, “Now, let all the prophecies and paranoia finally come to pass!  With the end of these here, we finally begin the promise that has been made throughout all the ages…the Ultimate Machine brings the end of all the System!”  And at this command, in cruel mockery, the caged victims are engulfed in white light, as the System Guards often do to the villains, leaving them all screaming in agony as they are all but instantly vaporized from existence, not leaving a single trace.  Elfie and Grace drop to their knees in shock at the reality that AB would do such a thing to his Jessie Joy and his other friends.  This surreal moment is lost, however, as Cat, Jo and Mercy transform to reveal their true forms.  This now signals the impending doom of the teens.  The faces of death…are reflecting their own.

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