Chapter 8   Feast of Demons

    Somewhere among the dimensions, something is about to bring the System to its knees, but while that is on the rise, our class is still back at the school, putting off jumping to the final era of the day.  The main reason is because Duplica has decided now is a great time for a phone call.  This isn’t nano-chat, but a fully vocal phone call to Ally J. out on the field doing whatever she’s doing right now.

    “So, I said to Muse that she needed to get over herself and teach my class.  Just because she’s dead doesn’t mean she can just lie around all day, ya know?”  Cat includes hand motions, of course.  “The bum even asked me to have XI fill in, and I’m like, ‘You’re such a lazy dweeb.  Come on, Muse; make time to meet some kids.’  She soon saw it my way and planned to meet us in her old timeline.  I admit I expected her to cancel at the last moment, but she showed up.  Yeah, I know.”

    On the other line, Ally says, “You can be pretty persuasive when you want something badly enough, you and your musclebound way of ‘explaining more clearly.’  You might want to consider not being so, well, rude.  You want me to teach you these things, so I’ll be honest and say you really need to work on your manners for when people tell you no, even if you seriously need the help.”

    “I guess I could be a little more graceful,” Cat admits.  “I’ve never been dead, so I don’t know what they could possibly have to do that can’t wait for them to get back, but what do I know about that?”

    “Cathy,” Ally says with a giggle, “here’s a newsflash for you: even dead people have a life.  Just because they’re stuck in the Drawing Board doesn’t mean they sit around telling stories.  They have grocery stores and movie theatres, all with wholesome material.  They have theme parks and anything we have in the living world.  They also have other friends besides you, my dear, who expect them to be just as loyal and punctual for them.  Also, here’s a thought; maybe they don’t want to deal with the paperwork involved in leaving the Juniper District for a mere fifteen minutes of your time watching the hardships and failures they had to endure when they were alive.  It’s not easy giving up a life of luxury just to graphically show your descendants your rough days or to watch your loved ones dying in the past.”

    After a brief pause, Cat gives her defense.  “Have you ever been to the Drawing Board?  Yes, the Juniper District is technically a facility of the living with the deaders allowed to walk around there since the Drawing Board main computer is located at the site, but the process that I go through to have them leave with me isn’t complicated at all.  I’ve never seen them do paperwork, and the whole thing is just a nice and easy process.  But I see what you’re saying about leaving a peaceful environment to relive traumas and such.  I don’t show anything too graphic, like the stories of Avia Baylor or Muse MV.  I don’t show those histories.  Even so, I never considered what it’s like for them to bring back sorrows they got over long ago.  When you put it that way, I’m sorry for being so heartless about it.”

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