Paul laughs and repays the gesture by tapping her bottle with his.  “Oh, come on; you know I think you’re the greatest.  I don’t know where you suddenly got this idea that you’re a bad mom.  I realize being a System Guard isn’t the most exciting life for you, but that doesn’t mean I’ve ever felt like you take that out on me.  We all have our paths in life, and as long as those paths are directed toward God, it’s not worth being picky with others for going about things a little differently.  Besides, if you were being a dork about following God, it’s not my place to scold you, being your kid and all.”

    “Ha!” Mercy makes a funny face at this last set of words.  “Of course, I’m pleased you understand biblical principles about honor, but you’re not a kid, silly.  Well, I’m centuries old, so I guess anyone under seventy or eighty is a kid to me, but you have grown into a very responsible young man.  In the next few years, you’ll be graduating and enjoying all the paperwork I skipped out on.  You can have my share that I’m pretty sure never got done.  For all the out-of-date documents you’ll have to go over, I tell you now…you’re welcome.”

    And with this going on, the students and teachers alike all come close to forgetting there is a field trip to continue.  Don’t worry though; Cat will ensure our team is primed and ready for a bowl full of action as they will soon get a healthy helping of testing in the chapters to come.

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