Chapter 6   Painful Thoughts

    Here we are in another universe, waiting to learn what storyboard we’re in and who our guest teacher will be.  The students look around for any signs of a previously visited location, but nothing lends itself to this suggestion.  Kammy is sure that this place reminds her of somewhere in history, but she has a feeling it’s a counterpart rather than the real thing.

    “Oh, wait!” K.C. says, “This is like the XI headquarters, isn’t it, Lady Duplica?”

    “Very astute, Kamo,” the teacher responds.  “This is SBMV.  Unlike other storyboards where I have you watch the scenes play out, we’re just visiting this universe after everything has been fixed to hear a personal testimony.  Now, where is that thing?  I don’t care if we are late.  It’s her job as my friend and ancestor to be more considerate of my personal life and schedule.”

    “You’re crazy,” Jo says with a giggle.

    “Hey, you choose to work with the nut, Josey” Mercy reminds Meyers.

    “Josey, huh?” Jo responds.

    “It has been a while since we used that nickname, hasn’t it?” Merc ponders.

    “They used to call you Josey, Grandma?” Kammy asks, disappointed she never thought of this nickname, not that she’d use it as that would be rude.

    “They did,” Jo confirms, “and I would’ve named your dad that, had he been a girl.  Too bad you’ve already been named for the past seventeen years, or I might just start calling you Josey, ha ha ha!”

    “Ooo,” Faye says, “like Judy Josey?”

    Kammy smiles really big and makes a proud pose.  “I guess I am finally ready to show that side of me, too.  I’m quite the clown, you know.”

    “Oh, I knew that years ago,” Owan retorts.

    The offended one rages, “Nobody’s asking you!”

    “I am!” says Gigi.  “Will you explain?”  Gi looks at Kammy and winks.

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