With the class alone again, Duplica instructs them on what to expect next.  “Guys, you have done so well to endure all the technical jargon of the storyboard titles and learning about this duplicate and that alternate.  I’m highly pleased to have you as students.  Now, I tried to give you a break with the racing and the dolphins and lunch with the Megs, but now we have to focus our lesson on some subjects that are not my favorite.  You’ve spent so many years learning from the examples of great heroes, and I hope you turn out to be just as great as all of them.  However, you’ve also learned about the woes of the System, particularly learning about the various villains of this imaginary world.  While I will handle it as properly as I did when we talked to the angel Alice Avia Baylor of SBXL, we now have to discuss the darker side of the System.  You all know about Arion Jekel, Ultimax, Zocar, Allure and the like.  I hope the lessons you learn from the rest of this journey will further cement in your mind the importance of following biblical principle, even if it kills you…and even if everyone you love forsakes the truth, leaving you to stand for God all by yourself.  Let’s go.”

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