Chapter 5   The Eyes of Thanatos

    “Elena, they’re back” says the white-haired girl we met earlier.

    Duplica reintroduces the kids to the three, just in case someone has forgotten.  “The System Guard is Meg Scott from XI, the pretty one is the former nun known as Meg XV and the white-haired girl is Meg CCCXLI.  C3, I think it’s finally your turn to have your story told.”

    “That’s fine,” says C3, “but let’s go to the lounge first.  I’m sure the kids would like a drink.”

    The women lead everyone down the long hall of a big space station with several people walking around.  They come to a descending escalator and take it to the floor below where they continue down another long hall.  As they’ve walked, they’ve been able to look through glass or open air to other people below them in the massive areas surrounding their walkway, but their trek takes them to a portion where the windows are replaced by opaque walls that extend to just barely out of sight in the distance where more glass can be seen along the path.  As they come to the new glass surrounding the path, they see a large cafeteria on the right and shortly come to a sliding door that grants them access to this new room.  The teachers escort the students to a couple of empty lunch tables while the Megs retrieve the orders they took as the group entered the room.  As the teens and adults wait, Elena and her group check their devices and such, getting themselves comfortable and giving warm smiles to this student and that one, with the seating arrangements of the kids being scattered among the two tables.

    Starting at the left, we see Gigi sitting at the end with Faye on her left and Ent on her right.  Beside Faye are Elena and Hyperdrive, while Charis and Travis sit by Ent who is happily nervous to be sitting by someone so beautiful and witty as Charis.  He’s not too anxious, but it is kind of cool to him.  At the next table over, Owan sits beside Hyperdrive with Kammy beside Travis.  Paul is between Owan and where Meg XI will sit when she gets to the table.  C3 will sit beside Kammy, putting Paul across from her instead of his girlfriend.  The two are close enough, with Kam only one seat off from being directly in front of her guy.  She can still stare at him all the same.

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