“I can’t tell you that’s exactly what it is,” Lillian slyly hints with a wink.  “Okay, the notes go on about various materials that make up the System.  Greco, Unitera and my boys were made from blue rock.  Back during the time of Thanatos, System mentor Patriarch discovered a substance he called System Goo that was like the unfinished material of imagination.  This could be used to mold things and upgrade SG armor, but it could also rot and turn people into defectors.  Patriarch actually communicated with some of the goo to the point he convinced it to remake itself into a character.  It chose the form of a blue-hair woman named Berry.  However, when Patriarch’s wife Vahnna randomly ended up in the Drawing Board, the entity that was still in the process of becoming Berry chose to recreate itself as a part of Vahnna, thus helping her come back to life.  No one knows to this day how the crazy woman ended up dead all the sudden, but she’s fine now.  Now, this isn’t to say blue is a signal color for someone being artificial.  In SBXLV, Yegolf’s wife Blumie has blue hair, but she’s normal.  Nor does a blue material, whether rock or goo, indicate something is good or of a creative nature.  A.J. Scar used red gems to infect the Earth, but he also used green gems to whet the appetites of those he would later get hooked onto the red gems.

    “In fact, even in Berry’s case, that entity started from a black goo and only chose a blue form because Patriarch’s wife once had blue hair.  The entity was trying to relate to Patriarch.  But whether blue or black, solid or goo, the System has various forms of untamed materials that can be harvested for good or evil, and it can even affect people without any conduit needed.”

    Kammy asks, “Is that like the Ultimate Machine powers that AB refused?”

    “Apparently,” says Lullaby, quickly scanning the notes.  “There are even people that were made from dreams rather than from the System Director actively making them.  Sometimes, a dream will drop over people who already live in the System, like with what happened to Astro Bomber’s sister Keb as a child.  Other times, the dream will result in new people being born.  This is the case with Meg CCCXLI, and possibly with her entire storyboard.  This wouldn’t be a surprise, since even the original Arion Jekel was born in a nightmare and became a literal real-world being that could travel back and forth from the System Director’s imagination to the outside world and return with new information and abilities.”

    “And that is where I cut you off, love,” says Duplica.  “We want to save some things for our next stop, but the overall point is that the System can have materials that add excitement to our lives.  In the past, this mind was more chaotic with poisonous gas that would make people defect, and System Goo still being experimented with.  As the director has tried to better structure his mind over the years, shifting more towards technology than the superhero angle, this has allowed for better methods of properly containing any hazardous elements.  We went from poisonous gas to moldable semi-solid to constructive rock material that is used to create things, while the villains have gone from gas to gems of different colors.  The System is better structured, but the enemies made it a point to advance as well.  Next time, we’ll see a familiar villain attempt to manipulate the physics of the System to his advantage.  For now, let’s say goodbye to Peter and Lullaby.  You’ll see them in the Andromeda Galaxy next year, more than likely.”

    The kids hug Lully vigorously while cautiously shaking Peter’s “radioactive” hand.  Pete settles for fist pumps and long-distance high fives.

    As they start walking through the opening portal, Faye asks Elfie, “Hon, would you be willing to marry me if my life depended on it?”

    Ent looks at her with a sarcastic smirk and asks, “Isn’t that what we established when we met?”

    “Oh, ha!  I’m not as bad as I once was.”  This gets a nod from Elfer.  Satisfied with his agreement, Faye follows up on Lullaby’s suggestion regarding her music by looking for her online.  After a quick sample, Faye turns up her volume so the others can hear.  “Why haven’t we heard of this station?!”

    Jo and Mercy turn to ask the same question with Cat saying in great aggravation, “Guys, this is the station I turn it to all the time when everyone else wants to turn it back to our local music.”

    Mercy responds, “When you give up your boring taste in movies, we’ll trust you with other things.”

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