Chapter 4   A Big Revelation

    “Elfie,” Faye whispers as she forgets everything she was just saying, “w-what’s going on?”

    “That’s what I was trying to tell you,” he explains.

    The massive scene brings Kammy back to her senses, thus earning a guess from her concerning what the two girls have walked right into.  “These are a couple of Powered girls like we heard about.  This must be near the end of the XL timeline, or maybe even tied in with the Time Unit.”

    “Nope,” says Duplica.

    “I thought it’d be obvious with the storyboard letters,” says Jocelyn as she slyly eats a piece of candy she got while waiting for the stragglers.

    “Whaaaat?” Even Gigi who has been here long enough to know what’s going on still finds Jo’s logic a cruel joke to what they’ve been taught all this time.  “You spend a whole day showing us around Storyboard XL just to bring us back and be like, ‘Hey, you should’ve known that XL stands for extra-large.’  Is this the civilization the System Director moved to the storyboard after the Time Unit left?”

    “Good job, Gracie!” Cat cheers, almost screaming.

    “Why, thanks, Mom!” the girl holds her fists out in victory.  “So, you girls are giants brought here from another storyboard because it’s empty now, right?”

    The big girl on the right, known as Nom Noms, confirms Gigi’s assessment.  “The System Director came to visit the land of us giants, and just had to put us here for the sake of the pun.  I’m so excited to finally meet you guys!!  I’ve been a friend of your mom for some time now.”

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