Faye continues, “We’re on the edge of a new era of System Guards, and it also captures the name of the team from the Game of the Galaxies adventure led by—oh my goodness….” Faye can’t finish as it hits her what Elfie just learned about the whole heritage thing with his mom’s maiden name essentially being another form of the Scott name, thus adding fire to Elf’s potential zeal in wanting to be called Edge.  Sure, all the geeky stuff is corny, but as far as Faye is concerned, her friend is super excited about something, so she prayed for him to help him out because she cares about him, but the answer came from another friend seemingly trying to betray Faye’s trust and with something that has her Elfie even more obsessed with the one thing she’s deathly afraid of.  That’s hard for her.

    “I get it,” Kammy says.  “I won’t use it again.”

    “No!” Faye quietly urges the girl, warmly holding Crystal’s hands.  “Kammy, that’s not what I wanted to ask you.  That name, even though I personally hate it, is perfect for my Entoni.  Would you be offended if we called him that?  I don’t care how it started.  I prayed for it, and it’s what God gave, and it came from a good friend.  Would that be okay with you?”  Now, Duplica’s crying.  The girls discuss the favor a little more, but Kammy humbly agrees, profusely promising not to misuse the name for herself or to do anything else to be a problem for Faye and Elfie, I mean for Edge.  The two girls walk with Duplica, both thanking her constantly for having them talk in private and for dealing so lovingly with them.  Cat is also thanking God for the miracle of keeping this dear friendship intact, or rather making it much stronger.

    As the trio joins the class in Storyboard XL, the girls rush over to their men to tell everything that just happened.  Kammy almost starts crying again as she apologizes to Paul for being such a careless girlfriend.  She also messages Faye to apologize to Edge for her as she’s not sure it’s the best time to talk to him, but she does want to communicate the courteous thought of saying she’s sorry for her actions.  Eventually, she’ll even give a little apology to Owan, because why not, and everything will be as it should.

    Faye, on the other hand, barely enters the universe before marching straight up to Ent and yanking him an inch from her face, ordering him, “Don’t argue with me.”

    Not sure whether to fear for his life or be thoroughly happy at the soothing wave of bubblegum in his nostrils, Ent gives a mousy, “Okay?”

    “You’re not Elf, Elfie and Elfer anymore, you understand?” She states.  “You’re Double-Edge, MY Double-Edge, got that?”

    Not sure what the women said on the other side of that portal, Ent does the safe thing and humbly agrees.

    Faye then says to him, “I don’t think I’m allowed to say how much I love you since we’re not officially dating yet.  Just know I prayed for a better nickname for you and God gave us Double-Edge.  That’s what you’re going to be, because you’re His Double-Edge before you’ll ever be mine.”  With this, Faye lets go and looks around to see what she missed, paying no attention to all the stares she’s getting from every other student except the mushy Kammy and Paul, chatting it up as if nothing ever happened.

    “Well,” Edge starts, using this as a chance to assure himself Faye’s not going to kill him for some unknown reason, “remember how Mom said we’re coming to XL to play soccer?”

    “Yeah?  And here we are.  I’m on your team.  I don’t care who picked who.”  As she says this, she sees the opposing team before Ent can warn her.

    “Um, about that,” he clarifies, pointing to the massive towers of flesh and armor standing above the class, “we’re apparently the ball.”

    Barely able to see the top of her opponents, Faye lets out a simple, “Oh…my…stars….”

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