Chapter 3   Bring On the Look-A-Likes

    “Ah, I’ve been expecting you!” says the voice of a charming young woman dressed in red, white and blue System Guard armor.  “I’m Jo Sutle, and I’ll be your teacher today.”

    Everyone gets settled into a world that is identified as the Earth of SBLXI with the host explaining this spot was chosen because, even though the headquarters is on another planet, she thought she would start small to help everyone get their brains back to normal.

    “I hope you enjoy it here in LXI as everyone in this universe is also getting used to the new scenery.  We all just moved here from SBLXIII, and so, we’re just glad the physics and all are still the same.”

    Groans are heard, and Paul clarifies in agony.  “So, let me get this straight.  You guys are from SBLXIII but you moved to SBLXI.”

    With a great and terrible laugh, Duplica declares, “And now the headache begins!  Mwahahahaha!”

    “Catherine,” Mercy says in a sharp tone, “this is why my son never passes any of your quizzes.”

    “Ha ha ha!” Jo falls to her knees in laughter, “Oh whatever, Mercy.  Your son does just fine in our classes.  Stop feeding her fuel, and her jokes will die.”

    Ignoring her persecutors, the innocent Lady Duplica, address’s the teen’s dilemma.  “Within the precious lone universe created by the one and only God is a human writer who created this imaginary domain we call the System, wherein is a limitless amount of alternate universes as they are simply his literary interpretation of how every author has several versions of the same story going through the mind at any given time.  The System Director has catalogued these as storyboards.  However, the System Director is only human and can’t focus on an endless amount of stories, so he decided to condense things to a number he could keep up with.

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