Elena gladly obliges.  “Well, we will be visiting three, all of whom are waiting at Travis’ old place.  There’s the classic Meg Scott from XI.  She first debuted as Canbel Scott’s cute little girlfriend when he was being controlled by the gems A.J. Scar had left scattered all over Earth.  Once everything was fixed, the teens grew up and got married.  During my adventures, I met Travis’ mom Meg Scott CCCXLI but kind of lost her among the storyboards thanks to Zeria.  This Meg happened to meet another Meg serving as a nun in SBXV during a time when the world was at war using giant robots.  The most famous robot of that universe was piloted by a hero who was basically AB while his beloved equivalent of Missy worked diligently to end the war diplomatically.  In the end, the combined efforts of the hero and his beloved helped to end the fighting.  However, in the end, tragedy claimed this version of both AB and Missy as the two died together.  Of course, this was part of something funky going on, so we were able to revive the two like had become a trend across the universes.  Bringing back dead PACs isn’t always such a trivial luxury, but there was a big to-do happening that necessitated an exception.  And what was that big to-do?  Well, that is something we shall save for when we get to our destination.  That is all a part of Meg CCCXLI’s story.  Man, we really need to think of better nicknames for these girls.”

    Duplica starts to speak when Elena interrupts one more time.  “Oh, and Meg XV gave up being a nun and married Canbel Scott XV.  The end.”

    Duplica opens her mouth again and gives it one more go, but now they have arrived at Travis’ home world, so she simple says, “Let’s go meet these critters.”

    The trip takes its usual appearance of sanity as the group leaves the land of nothingness to enter a massive space station, complete with several robots and space cadets swarming about.  In the midst of the noise and movement, three young women who look like triplets approach the team.  Sure, the girls’ outfits are all different and the middle gal has white hair, but it’s very obvious that these three are the Meg’s we just heard about.  Don’t worry; we’ll get to know them more later.  Right now, Cat has arrived for a different purpose.

    “Elena, Charis, boys, your bus has arrived.  You may pay your toll and exit the vehicle.”  Cat holds out her hand.

    “The fact you guys even have busses that far into the future…” Elena laughs and gives Cat five as she walks by the woman slightly disappointed that her palm is still empty.

    “I can give you a tip, hon,” says Charis as it’s her turn to pay.  She simply gives Cat a hearty push on the shoulder with her index finger, causing Duplica to tip back.

    “Oh, ha ha!” Says Cat.

    “Don’t have a cow, Charis” chimes Elena.

    “OH, NO YOU DIDN’T JUST IMPLY I’M A—” Catherine’s logical deduction is cut short.

    “Temper, temper, babydoll,” says Elena with a wink.  “Cat, you know we love you.  Thanks for the walk over.”

    Giving Burt a playful punch on the arm, Cat thanks her and the others for the lesson so far.  “We’re going to visit a few more storyboards to, hopefully, add a bit more suspense to the story Meg’s going to tell when we get back.”  The hugs are given, a few more minutes of hanging out are had and the class leaves Elena’s group in this mysterious, uncharted storyboard, from the class’s perspective, in favor of venturing out to visit even more crazy people living within the System.  Where in the worlds are we going now?  And right when we were getting used to new faces, too!

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