Chapter 2   Time After Time

    And so, our team of time-travelers has jumped into the abyss of whatever exists between storyboards and swiftly approaches the first destination.  I suppose four books in is a good time to point out the way these folks go from place to place.  You already know that the teachers are Infinites and can travel wherever they want, so going to other storyboards is effortless.  Do they use a ship?  Do they simply hold hands and instantly teleport?  Nah, they do whatever they feel like at the time.  Sometimes, they’ll form a circle.  Other times, they’ll just walk to another dimension like walking down the hall.  One of these times, Duplica plans to play leapfrog to launch the students to the next era in time.  Also, you’ve probably noticed that even though Cat could pop right into the start of each lesson, she likes to stroll into it so the kids have a time to take in the scenery while waiting for their next host to arrive.  Sure, trekking through the in-between of worlds can be a mundane nonessential, but Duplica likes the little things.

    In fact, moments like this give students like Gigi a chance to rehearse previous lessons.  “Let’s see, AB and his sisters visited Storyboard X.  James Scott’s descendants moved there and eventually had Xames Scott.  That’s technically the System’s first chronological sighting of Arion Jekel, even though he came from AB’s childhood in Storyboard XI.  XI is the home of AB’s System Guards and the Lightspeed Lab.  XII is where the Ultimate Machine manipulated a storyboard to create his own army, but Patriarch came from XI to mentor those people into doing right.  VII is one of the realistic storyboards, not having superheroes, and it’s where the techbots flourished.  The most famous version of Rue Patterson is from VII.  SBXL starts with a less fortunate rendition of Rue but swiftly goes into focusing on the legacy of a girl named Misa, better known as the super warrior Lady Spectacular.  From the clones called Zombies to the kingdom of Raz and the adventures of the Four Corners, Storyboard XL was definitely worth the visit.  For that matter, SBX and VII were the only ones we didn’t go to.  Maybe I’ll travel there by myself when I’m old enough.  All these storyboards eventually combined into one universe with most of its focus being on the SG colony planet New Ruyngard.  Man, that was a lot of food!”

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