“Cat, I’ve never had a reason until now,” is the response as Ally imitates this pose.  “But I tell you what, as long as I have good reception and can pinpoint where you are in time and space, I’ll see if we can talk more.  I mean, now, I feel even worse about my little talk with Paul.  It could’ve been taken so wrong, and how could I be so immature?  I suppose maybe I do need someone to vent to before my loneliness drives me crazy?  I don’t know.  Just rest assured that you have a sister who will try to reach out more, okay?”  The girls hug and say a few more encouraging things, along with a few jokes, to solidify their new approach of fighting this fight together, with Cat reminding Ally there are two other good friends who will want to join in on the campaign.  Ally vocalizes her low opinion of herself for not handling these emotional problems in a better manner.  Cat adds even more funny things and pushes Ally away as the class really needs to get going.  Lady Worley laughs and rushes over to Faye for a quick hug and kiss.

    The things are gathered, the roll is called and the formation is made.  As Mercy inspects herself to make sure her armor still looks as presentable as it did centuries ago, Jo looks at her watch and snickers.

    “Guess we could’ve gone out to eat after all,” Jo quips at Cat.

    “I’ll make you eat those words if you don’t be careful.”

    With the portal about to open, Kammy pauses her endless chatting with Paul for a brief moment.  “Hey baby, hold on a second.”  Quickly turning to Elfie, Crystal absentmindedly asks, “Hey, Double-Edge, did your mom happen to mention what storyboard we’re visiting this year?”

    Elfie regrets to inform her that he was not made aware of the destination but then basks in the rich lore potential of what he instantly deems his new nickname, much to the strong displeasure of the short one in red.

    Having no idea what mayhem she accidentally created, Kammy sets her sights on the teacher and asks, “Lady Duplica, what storyboard are we visiting this time?”

    “Oh, we’re not just visiting one storyboard this year,” says Cat in giddy triumph.  “This year, it’s a storyboard buffet!”

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