Chapter 10   Connecting the Dots


    “Happy Christmas!”

    This is the greeting from the red-clad hostess of the final visit for our class, now that they have all passed their exam.  Yes, even though she didn’t exactly ace it, Faye at least passed the test.  So, where has Duplica brought the kids for their reward?  Why, they are now in Storyboard XXV, the Christmas universe!  Mind you, Santa passed away peacefully long ago, and now, the place is run by former XL native Lady Sue, and this lovely woman does well at pointing the holiday to Jesus Christ instead of commercialism.  I should clarify she is specifically from the XL era when her friends Axer and Roxy were on the scene.  What makes Sue’s planned party for today even better is that she’s got this storyboard open and connected to other universes, among which are the live Christian music storyboard and the dolphin church.  This is going to be one exciting Christmas party, and it’s the middle of May!

    Among the singers are Harmony Jones and her pals Choral Phileo and Cherry Salem.  Of course, the crowd favorite is Twinlight Talia with her ability to split into two people, harmonizing gorgeously with herself.  You can imagine how something like this sounds even better when the dolphin choir joins in.

    As far as guests go, there’s, as you’d expect, AB and his peeps, including a very happy Jessie Joy who was glad to play her part in the elaborate scheme that duped the villains one.  The giants of “New XL” are here, as well as the other guests from today’s trip.  In fact, Lady Sue helps Lady Duplica pull yet another fast one on her students by transporting the party from Storyboard XXV to the one and only Juniper District itself, landing in one of its most popular regions…Holiday Square.  You see, when all the universes merged, Sue and her Christmas dwellers got their own spot on Juniper, meaning this celebration can continue there with the kids never knowing they’ve been moved to the present.  I’ll also point out that Sue and her gang are very much alive in modern times.  In fact, the giants also have their own location on Juniper, as do the musicians, so it’ll be a much shorter walk home.  As for the deaders, since this is a place where they can dwell outside of the Drawing Board, it shouldn’t surprise you if the guest list grows infinitely.  The dolphins are the only ones who need an open portal as they now live in their own galaxy.

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