Allure hisses and laughs, “How fitting!  For all the pain you caused, the whole time you were hurting yourself, you controlling, spoiled infant!”  And with this, Allure finds herself alone and about to die.  “I have to ask why I am cursed to look like a hog while that moron was born as an elephant and yet kept her disgusting human beauty after choosing to walk the wilder side of life.”

    To this, AB responds, “Bubbles, too, was reduced to her original humanoid elephant state, and like you, she had the ability to hide that until she needed to use her beastly power.  However, the poor girl was so intoxicated, she forgot which form she was in and thus died in a fight she might have won if she had the mental capacity to change into her mammoth form.”

    As Allure laughs for several minutes at this revelation, even AB barely resists the urge to chuckle, since it is sad that Bubbles wasted her life.  In this rare moment, Allure addresses her enemy.  “Well, go ahead, System Pigs,” she vents, “Do what you always do.  Kill me again.”  But this mocking request is not granted.  Instead, Allure experiences something she’s never encountered from the ranks of AB and his comrades.  They don’t attempt to destroy her as usual.  They wrap the capture cables around her and transport her to the System Guard’s prison where her fate will be decided there.  She may very likely be found worthy of capital punishment, but that is for the judge to decide.  Every other villain, despite the ultimatum given by AB, was only vanquished because they fought against the heroes to the point that the SGs had to end them to secure the safety of the imaginary world.  With only two criminals surviving that epic clash, however, there was no reason to senselessly end them when they could simply be overpowered and arrested.  Bubbles didn’t have to die, but she chose to make that decision for herself.

    The SGs having returned to their base, Duplica declares this moment in the past over.  While she did interact with Past AB enough to make the aforementioned change, no one else knew of the kids’ presence today, so only Ant will know anything about this when the group returns to the present.  Everyone else will have just heard about it later.

    “What happened to Allure?” Kammy asks Duplica.

    “After she was arrested, she was most likely executed.  She was a top-level threat and easily guilty of enough to get her erased.”  Duplica thinks this is good enough as it sums up everything she knows about the situation.

    “But you don’t know that she was executed,” Kammy presses.

    “No, I guess I don’t know,” Cat admits.  “IF she survived, she would’ve served a life sentence and died in HQ prison, seeing how that was so long ago.”

    “But you’re thinking from Storyboard XXII, now Dogwood Galaxy time,” Kammy clarifies.  “As far as the Milky Way Galaxy is concerned, that was…wow, maybe less than a year?”

    Shocked at how recent ago the Nightmare Buffet was, Cat agrees, “I guess you’re right.  While she would’ve been executed by now if she was deemed bad, there’s still a very high possibility she was shown mercy and is currently the only villain alive in the entire modern System.”

    “Is that right?” Kammy asks, looking at the carpal resting place of Baby Z.  “How…alluring.

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