Chapter 8   Battle of the Heart

    “Are you kidding me?  I’m going to be sick.”  Faye has been listening intently to the instructions of the final round and she realizes now what she’s missing out on.  As she sits between Grace and her mom, she turns to Ally J. and gives her frustrated complaint.  “Think of how close I was, Mommy.  Me versus Elfie, you versus Cat, a perfect family date for all the System to see, with me and my guy as we show we’re the two most powerful friends of our class, but Kammy gets all of that.  Horumph!”

    Of course, she doesn’t really mind since Kamron is cool, and Faye likes her.  Still, after the last few years, Faye still burns with frustration at how ridiculously close she was, like when you get your test score back and it’s a 99%.  It’s like that.

    With a light snicker and a warm hug, Ally consoles her favorite girl by sweetly saying, “We’ll have our time together soon, my love.  Besides, which of you do you think Elfie actually wishes was in there right now?  Did you think of that?”

    “Yeah, I guess,” Faye says.  “Still, I’m very glad Kam gets her moment to shine.  If Elf is going to be my brother-friend now, it’s only fair he be able to see what the other girls are like.  And…I want to see if he can actually beat this new monstrous form of Kammy that’s been surprising us all today.”

    Ally hasn’t been hearing all of this thoughtful speech as she is distracted by the sight of Duplica and Jo Meyers about to square off.  Ally mutters, “Good thing, Cat Sky.  The System is not yet ready for the likes of you and me to fight.”  Who knows?  Maybe Ally will one day have the time to spar with her close friend.

    “WOW!”  Missy says in amazement as her hand carelessly grips AB’s shoulder tightly, causing him to look at her in hopes she’ll take notice of this death grip.  “Of all the times I’ve seen Cat fight, she’s actually taking a stance that looks professional for once.  You can definitely tell she’s being controlled by her son right now.  Ain’t no Duplica lookin’ that prepared, ha ha!”

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