“M-mom, did you seriously digitize me?!” Ent speaks from within the circuits of Cat’s suit.

    “Indeed, I did.  Now, I can hug you and hug you and you can’t escape and pretend to be too big a boy to take all your mama’s huggin’!” As she says this, Duplica tightly hugs herself ferociously as if she were holding her son.  It’s quite comical, to be honest.

    “Let’s explain before they freak out,” Jo advises.

    “Too late,” voices Kammy from within.  “So, you two were Powered all along?  Am I a Powered?!”

    Owan is saying the same thing from the stands, and as Jo explains to Kammy, Paul shows his smarts by reminding Red O, “Didn’t you pay attention earlier?  They specifically said that, as Infinites, they can mimic the digitizing techniques of the Powered.  You guys wouldn’t think twice of it if not for learning about the Powered doing it.  It’s just regular Lady Duplica and Lady Jo using a trick that AB and Cici used to do as children, and when you think about how long ago that was from our perspective, you should realize how elementary the technique is.  Chill out, man.”

    Switching back to Duplica, she enlightens the contestants.  “Like I said before, the point of what we do now is a matter of, ‘Aw, look at the cute little trick the regular non-superpowered humans made.  Why didn’t we Infinites think of that?’  And there you go, now we simply do what the robots were built to do, only we have the common sense to use it responsibly.  So, what this means for you is that you and I are working together, pal.  I’m your robo-suit for the moment, if you will.  Jo is Kammy’s.  I’ll follow your every lead, so don’t think I’m going to be doing this thing for you, lazy child.”

    “So, I get to fight using your body, essentially,” Kammy voices her understanding of the situation.

    “Pretty much,” affirms Jo.

    “Weird, and awkward,” says Elf.

    Annoyed, Cat dully states, “Don’t make it awkward and it won’t be awkward.  Oh brother.”

    “Right,” Elf answers, ready to put forth a serious fight.

    Realizing the Infinite potential, Kammy boasts, “Hey, hey, guess I get to see what it’s like to fight as an Infinite Warrior.  Sweet beans!”

    Catching on to the girl’s plan, Jo coldly shoots this down with, “Yeah, being an Infinite is like being able to use any attack set, including only yours, dear.”

    “Oh.  So, you will only do what I can do.  Well, that stinks.”  Having said this, Kammy hastily asks, “Wait, how will you know what I want to and can do?  Are you guys reading our thoughts?!”

    “No, baby,” Jo assures her.  “We’re synced closely enough so that the reaction time between your decisions and our responses is more-on-less simultaneous.  And, of course, we can monitor your physical status to ensure we don’t represent you as stronger than you really are.  But you don’t have to worry about us violating your mind, baby.  It’s just you and me having fun as we beat the daylight out of Elf and Cat.”

    “Oh, baby, yeah baby!” Kammy boldly cheers as she likes the sound of that.  Energized and ready to begin, Kamron uses Jo’s hand to point at Cat and uses her mouth to say, in Kammy’s recognizable voice for sake of clarity, “You better be on your best, Elfie, honey, because Lady Kammy is about to take you on a date to a world of pain!”

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