Chapter 6  The Pretty Faces of Destiny

    “I’ll tell you right now,” Duplica warns her teens, “we’re not covering every person in this arena, and we definitely don’t have enough space in the scrapbook for pictures of every living soul here.  Hey look, there’s Axer Darcy and his gang that we learned about earlier.  Aren’t you so glad to see Mandy happy and smiling?  Yeah, that’s all the shine they’ll get in this lesson.”  Thinking about where to even begin, Duplica decides to let I.C. speak since this is her story we’re about to learn about.

    “I just want you to know that this entire era is about redemption.  Story after story tells of people who blew it, but faced their failures and gave it to God and learned how to move on.  Okay, I’m going to name as many people as I can, within reason, and try to only give brief commentary if needed.  Okay, here we go!  That’s Angel, and that is her rival Renee Thunderfoot and…hmm, hold up.”  I.C. then resorts to a chart.

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