“Hey, Paul, you got a minute before we leave?  I want to talk to you.”

    As he views the motions of the class, he deems the likely timing of their departure too uncertain to address this topic now.  “I was going to talk to you, too,” he says, “but can we wait until we have more time so I can think about what I want to say?”

    “But we have time now,” she insists.

    “I don’t want to accidentally say the wrong thing.  It’s important.”  This is Paul’s last attempt.

    “But what is so important, and yet you can’t say it now?” Gigi persists.

    Giving into his introverted norm of just following the program, Paul tries to word his complaint as briefly as possible so he’s not cut short by the group leaving.  “You make me feel like a wall.  I try to talk to you, but you make it difficult and don’t talk back.”  This is as much as he can think of clearly right now.

    Unfortunately, it’s not all Gigi can think of, which lends to her unloading a lot of what she said to the girls onto poor Paul.  He’s not necessarily catching everything with her drowning him in her griefs in such a rapid succession.  All he hears is that his voice was clearly not heard.  And to make things worse, his apprehension about the timing was accurate and the class is moved to the final age before Gigi can finish her rant.  And with this abrupt ending, it has to make you wonder what battle awaits us in the next chapter.

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