Chapter 5   Mr. & Mrs. System Guard

    “Let me see those cards!” demands Faye, almost ripping them in half as she forces them out of Gigi’s hands.  As Miss Worley scrutinizes the cards, she sees what Gigi was saying.  “These cards are detailed notes alright, but of the boys in the class.  Why all three?”

    Grace chatters her teeth nervously as she thinks, “The pros and cons of each boy would be cute and all if she didn’t include her own uncle.”

    “Heh,” Faye starts to laugh as it’s obvious why Owan’s name is on one of the cards.  “She’s good,” Faye says to Gi, lightly slapping her arm.  “She’s made a list of the potential boyfriends but thrown Owan’s name in so it looks like an innocent evaluation of her fellow classmates.”

    Looking for two other cards, Grace points out a fatal flaw in this logic.  “Then where are our cards, Faye?  If she’s taking stats on everyone, why is she only interested in noting the guys?  AND the bigger question of all, why would she even keep tabs on us anyway?”

    “Okay, I hurried as fast—” BOOM!!  Kammy teleports in such a rush that she crashes right into Gracie G., sending both the girls to the ground in a world of hurt.  As she realizes her offense, Kamron grabs the dizzy Grace and pulls her to her feet, dusting her off.  “Sorry, sorry, sorry!  I didn’t mean to hurt you, Gigi.  Hey, Faye, you dropped this while watching us…crash.”  K. C. quickly realizes what her friends have been doing in the few minutes that she was gone.  They hurriedly force the cards into her hands and try to explain, but I need to remind you that we are leaving from one Ruyngardian era to another, which means they are interrupted before any explanation can be given.

    The three girls barely have time to think before they are being asked by Duplica, “Do you know where we are now?  Faye, do you want to guess?”

    “W-we’re on Ruyngard?  In the future?” is her nervous, distracted guess.

    “More specific anyone?” Duplica probes a little more.

    The students think before guessing while I.C. is tightly grasping her hands together to resist the urge of giving the answer that’s easy to her, seeing how she got the itinerary and all.

    The kids didn’t have the benefit that you readers got of me giving away the answer in the last chapter, but they still attempt to answer.  Elfie says, “I’d say we’re wherever Kim said she’d meet us, but I get the feeling we stopped somewhere else first.”

    “Uh-huh,” Cat tries one more time.  “K.C., why don’t you give it a shot?”

    Hearing her name, the bewildered girl turns and gives a dazed, “Huh, yeah?”  Cat repeats the question and Kammy gives a sincere yet pitiful effort at guessing.  “Two hundred years in the future.”

    “Oh, wow!  That’s actually kinda’ right, girl.”  This lead does nothing for Kam, so Duplica gives the answer.  “If you ask the people we’re about to meet, they’ll tell you it’s about two hundred years from where we’ll be going next.  I skipped that era because your exam will be there, so you better ask all the questions you can to cheat and look ahead.”  Only getting laughs from the boys, Duplica begrudgingly corrects herself, “Okay, so don’t be a dirty sinner and cheat, but do try to pay attention.”

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