And speaking of waiting, Kammy’s been waiting to make a different kind of stop along the way before the next lesson begins.  Seizing the much-needed opportunity, she asks Lady Duplica if she minds if the desperate girl takes a quick trip back to the school to address a need.  Giggling, Cat says anyone who needs to do the same can do so.

    As Kammy is the first one to hastily blip away, she is in such a rush that she doesn’t realize she forgot her bag, and even dropped it on the ground.  Her loving friends see this and rush to pick it up to guard it until she gets back.  Unfortunately, in the process, the two girls I’m talking about accidentally drop some of K.C.’s stuff on the ground.  Great job, Nova G.  What drops on out for Grace and Faye to see are index cards with various names on them.

    “Yuck,” Faye grouses, “these must be the notes she’s always offering Elfie.  Eh, she means well.”   “Faye,” Gigi whispers as she realizes what the notes are about, “I don’t think Kammy wants to share these notes with Elfie, or with anyone for that matter.”

    “Well, don’t be rude,” Faye demands.  “Put them back and stop looking at them!”

    Faye is not in the mood to violate Kammy’s privacy, even if the reality of her rivalry becomes more apparent.  This loyalty to Miss Meyers, however, falters when Grace notices one of the names on the card.

    “Wait; even Owan’s on the list?  Ew!”

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