Chapter 4   Who and Who?

    “Hey, deaders, guess what Jo was just complaining about!”

    “Cat, if you tell them, I may have you join them!”

    This is the welcome that these two deceased System Guards get once they rendezvous with the class in their old era.  If you recognize the names in the pictures, you’re reading correctly.  However, take a good look at the people in the image and you may realize this is not the same couple our kids met last year.  In fact, because of Justine’s part in the whole thing, these are actually the descendants of their namesakes, and you will soon find out they share more similarities besides their names.

    “Okay, so what gives, guys?” Owan asks.

    Before answering, Axer turns to Roxy and whispers, “I feel bad.  We really should include her.”

    “Mm, fine,” Rox responds, “but let’s at least wait until she’s mentioned in the story so she has a reason for being here.”  This woman in pink then addresses Owan’s question.  “My husband and I are, indeed, full-blooded Ruyngardians, only having left the planet and becoming System Guards for a while after we’d already watched our grandchildren grow up.  So, let me explain why we seem so similar to the Axer and Roxy of Storyboard XL.  You see, unbeknownst to us wee Wungawdiuns, the big wigs watching over our planet had big wig plans for us.  The System Director was about to start writing stories about our universe, but rather than begin with AB and James Scot, he had originally intended on remaking all his System Guard stories as chapters in our world’s history.  This way he could use the ideas he’d always loved while focusing on a new set of characters and have the freedom to progress with this new cast as he saw fit.  So, because of this, the System Director orchestrated things to have mirror events to other Storyboards.  As if you can’t tell, our adventures had its similarities to that of your well-known pair.  However, what we have to talk about will also prove to hold new secrets I believe you’ll want to know.”

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